On-demand BERINERT treatment helps you get back fast from HAE attacks

BERINERT is a fast-acting, on-demand treatment for attacks of swelling caused by hereditary angioedema (HAE). BERINERT works at the root cause of HAE attacks by adding functioning C1-INH to your body, a key protein that is either missing or non-functioning in people with HAE. With training, you can self-administer BERINERT, so you can get relief when and where you need it.

BERINERT provides fast, sustained relief from HAE attacks

At the first sign of an HAE attack, you want an on-demand treatment that works fast and keeps on working until your symptoms are resolved.

15 minutes

Laryngeal attacks

In a clinical trial, the time to onset of symptom relief was 15 minutes.* The time to complete resolution of symptoms was 8.4 hours.*

48 minutes

Abdominal and facial attacks

In a clinical trial, the time to onset of symptom relief was 48 minutes.* The time to complete resolution of symptoms was under 5 hours.*

*Median time.

Approved for use in PEDIATRICS

Without BERINERT, my abdomen attacks would last for days. I would miss school and spend a lot of hours in pain.”

–BERINERT patient

Proven safety profile

The most serious adverse reaction reported in subjects who received BERINERT in clinical studies was an increase in the severity of pain associated with HAE. Dysgeusia, a bad taste in the mouth, was the most common adverse reaction reported in over 4% of subjects and more frequently than in the placebo group.

BERINERT addresses HAE at the root cause: missing or non-functioning C1-INH

HAE attacks are caused by low levels of functioning C1-INH, a key protein in your body that controls swelling. BERINERT adds functioning C1-INH to your body, rapidly halting the progress of an HAE attack and providing fast relief.

Want to learn more about HAE?

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Berinert Discussion Guide

Get the most out of your doctor visits

Taking a few moments to prepare for your visits to the doctor can help make them more productive.

Use this discussion guide to help remember and communicate important details that can help you and your doctor have a more thorough conversation.

See how BERINERT provides fast relief from HAE attacks

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