CSL Behring—Committed to patients with HAE and the healthcare professionals who treat them

CSL Behring, the maker of BERINERT, is a world leader in specialty biopharmaceuticals and is committed to people around the world with rare and serious conditions like HAE. We are dedicated to making a difference in the HAE community through innovation, quality manufacturing, and support and education for patients and families affected by HAE. Learn more at CSLBehring.com.

Safety and quality manufacturing

BERINERT is made from human blood. The process used to make BERINERT removes or inactivates known viruses. These safety steps include:

  1. Pasteurization: A 10-hour heat treatment process in a water solution
  2. Hydrophobic interaction chromatography: A separation technique
  3. Virus filtration: Also called “nanofiltration,” which removes impurities at the molecular level

In over 65 years of developing products with human blood plasma, CSL Behring has developed systems of collection, manufacturing, and distribution that meet high quality and safety standards.*

*The risk of transmission of infectious agents cannot be completely eliminated.

Support and education

CSL Behring is committed to supporting patients and the healthcare professionals throughout their journey with HAE.

  • BERINERT ConnectSM is a resource center designed to help your patients get started on BERINERT and to support you and your patients throughout your treatment with BERINERT
  • AllAboutHAE.com, sponsored by CSL Behring, is an online resource for the community of HAE patients, families, and healthcare professionals seeking more information about HAE symptoms and living with HAE
  • CSL Behring is a proud supporter of the US Hereditary Angioedema Association (HAEA) a nonprofit patient advocacy organization dedicated to expediting US approval of safer and more effective HAE therapies. The organization provides a wide range of services that include clinical trial placement, physician referrals, education, and individualized patient case management.

Explore the helpful services of the BERINERT Connect support program

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