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Take control of your HAE attacks with BERINERT self-administration

BERINERT is an intravenous (IV) injection that, with training, you can infuse on your own or with the help of a caregiver at the first sign of an HAE attack.

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“I feel confident knowing I can do something about an attack, and that it doesn’t have to stop me from living my life.”

–BERINERT patient

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IV infusion of BERINERT delivers the active ingredient—C1-INH—directly into your bloodstream so it can go to work fast, restoring your body’s ability to stop the swelling.

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Following setup, BERINERT takes about 7 to 8 minutes* to self-administer for an average weight adult.

Based on an infusion rate of 4 mL per minute.

† 70—80 kg (154—176 lb).


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Phone call for prior authorization

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Call to connect: 1-877-236-4423

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Support and resources once you start from BERINERT ConnectSM

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Treat HAE attacks at the first sign

On-demand therapy that you can self-administer gives you the power to react quickly to the first signs of an HAE attack, wherever you happen to be.

  • The sooner you treat with BERINERT, the faster you will experience relief.
  • Treating quickly is especially important if you experience a laryngeal attack, as it can be life threatening.
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BERINERT is the only on-demand C1-INH approved for self-administration to treat acute abdominal, facial, or laryngeal attacks of HAE in adults and children.

Learning how to self-administer BERINERT can give you or your caregiver the confidence to treat attacks wherever life takes you.

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Preparation and reconstitution

95% of BERINERT infusions are self-administered at home or in other non-healthcare settings1

BERINERT is an IV infusion that you can learn to self-administer at home or anywhere that’s convenient. In fact, a study showed that 95% of BERINERT infusions were given outside of healthcare settings.1

Berinert All Supplies

Each BERINERT kit consists of:

  • One single-dose vial of BERINERT
  • One 10 mL vial of diluent (Sterile Water for Injection, USP)
  • One Mix2Vial® filter transfer set
  • 10 mL silicone-free syringe
  • IV set and butterfly needle
  • Alcohol swab

View, download, or watch step-by-step instructions on how to reconstitute and administer BERINERT here, or view the full prescribing information for BERINERT.

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Important information regarding self-administration

  • Use these materials in combination with self-administration training from a healthcare provider.
  • Never attempt to self-administer BERINERT unless you’ve been taught to do so by a healthcare provider.
  • If you self-administer to treat a laryngeal attack, immediately seek medical attention afterward.
  • If you self-administer for an abdominal attack, inform your physician so that other possible causes can be ruled out.
  • Berinert should be infused only with a silicone-free syringe, such as the one included in the product package. If you must use alternative infusion supplies, be sure to obtain a silicone-free syringe.

Self-administration Guide

Download and keep the Self-administration Guide for when you need it.
Download PDF


Self-administration video

Watch step-by-step instructions on how to self-administer BERINERT by intravenous infusion.
Watch video
Reference: 1. Riedl MA, Bygum A, Lumry W, et al. Safety and usage of C1-inhibitor in hereditary angioedema: BERINERT registry data. J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract.  

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