Individualized, weight-based dosing and self-administration

During an HAE attack, patients treating with on-demand therapy need the right dose at the first sign of an attack. With BERINERT, patients can self-administer an appropriate dose when and where they need to.

The 1st and only plasma-derived on-demand HAE therapy with weight-based dosing

BERINERT delivers an individualized amount of C1-INH for every patient.

  • The recommended dosage is 20 IU per kilogram of body weight with an infusion rate of 4 /min

Time to onset of symptom relief (hours)6

Symptom relief chart

BERINERT dosing example

  • BERINERT is supplied in a single-use vial of 500 IU to be reconstituted in 10-mL sterile water for injection
Patient weight Units Minutes # of vials
20 kg/44 lb 400 IU 2 min 0.8 vial
45 kg/99 lb 900 IU 4.5 min 1.8 vial
70 kg/154 lb 1400 IU 7 min 2.8 vial

Dosing calculator

Quickly calculate the recommended dose for your patient by entering their body weight.

Enter body weight

BERINERT dose and infusion time

Infusion volume (ml)
# of vials

Preparation and reconstitution

  • Each BERINERT kit consists of 1 carton containing 1 single-use vial of BERINERT, one 10-mL vial of diluent (sterile water), 1 Mix2Vial® transfer set, and 1 alcohol swab
  • The Mix2Vial transfer set enables precise reconstitution by automatically transferring the right amount of diluent into the BERINERT vial

View, download, or watch step-by-step instructions on how to reconstitute and administer BERINERT here, or view the full prescribing information for BERINERT.

Learn about BERINERT self-administration

Empower your patients to self-administer at the first sign of an HAE attack

Attacks can occur in patients even if they are on long-term prophylaxis
Patients can infuse on their own or with help from a caregiver after receiving proper training from a healthcare professional

BERINERT works on demand, so it’s used only when patients have an acute abdominal, facial, or laryngeal attack—not to prevent an attack
Self-administration can be crucial in the event of a life-threatening laryngeal HAE attack

Step-by-Step Self-administration Guide slide show

View step-by-step instructions on how to self-administer BERINERT by intravenous infusion.

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Downloadable Self-administration Guide

Download and keep the Self-administration Guide for when you or your patients need it.

Download PDF (Self-Admin Guide)

Step-by-Step Self-administration Video

Watch step-by-step instructions on how to self-administer BERINERT by intravenous infusion.

Watch On-Demand Treatment Video
Learn about individualized, weight-based dosing
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